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Amber Starlight is one of several key items in Elden Ring that has a specific purpose.
Key items are found in certain locations or given by an NPC for their questline in FromSoftware’s latest title. When it comes to Amber Starlight, it serves a purpose in the questline of Preceptor Seluvis.
Players don’t actually put Amber Starlight to use. Instead, they must find it, deliver it to Preceptor Seluvis, and let him use it to begin a scheme he has been planning.
Preceptor Seluvis is a sorcerer who serves Ranni the Witch. Players can find him in a spectral form at Ranni’s Rise and then eventually in his physical form at Seluvis’ Rise.
Seluvis is up to no good and is plotting to betray Ranni the Witch. He will inform players of this after they have purchased all of his Sorceries and Puppets once he opens his shop as a merchant.
His scheme involves turning the gods into puppets, and that is where Amber Starlight comes in. Players need to find Amber Starlight and return it to him to continue this hidden quest in Elden Ring.
Amber Starlight is located in the Altus Plateau region. Here is how to get there after entering the region at the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace:
Finding Amber Starlight isn’t too difficult of a task. The hardest part is overcoming the creatures protecting the item. Dodging and avoiding their attacks while dishing out damage will make quick work of them.
Once Amber Starlight has been found, head back to Preceptor Seluvis in the ruins outside of Ranni’s Rise. Give him the Amber Starlight, and he will reward you with the Scorpion charm.
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