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Every year, Ward’s names their “10 Best Engines” in a press release dripping with hyperbole and breathless praise. I’m often a bit mystified by their choices — the fragile, sludgy 1.8T VW? The 3.8L Nissan VR, which according to a race-engine-building friend of mine occasionally shows up with the shims on backwards, and which bore-walks under boost? The Cadillac Northstar V8??? — but the nice people at Ward’s have somehow figured out a way to make a buck creating the list and we shouldn’t begrudge them that.
Click the jump for the Ten Best Engines — and a special TTAC Bonus, the Three Worst Sentences Of The Press Release.

And now, the Three Worst Sentences:
And now, the TTAC Bonus We Didn’t Even Mention In The Headline: Ward’s Best Sentence For 2010! Drum roll please:
Tiredmechanic, I’m also thinking late 70’s 425, or possibly 80-81 368, because the blue color used is late 70’s to about 80 to 81. If I remember correctly caddy engines were painted black starting around 82 when all of the other gm engines went black.
The Cadillac 1981 684 engine was technically far ahead of it’s time. Own one and take time to tweek it (RockAuto has all parts). It will be the centerpiece of your driveway. They also make excellent lawn ornaments. You’ll find the style, comfort and power make the Cadillac ride experience far above any of the junk from China and Europe. What is your choice; a limousine, bottle of soya sauce or a sardine can? Salt is bad, no omega 3’s in a limo! Only beautiful people. Cadillacs Rule! Soul Brother.


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