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We report a lot of snake stories here at Coconuts Bangkok, usually ones that entail an unsolicited slithery visit that results in someone calling the authorities for help. Perhaps that’s why this bizarre relationship between a man and his giant pet king cobra is going viral on social media.
In a nearly 2-minute clip, originally posted by a Phetchaburi province Durian vendor on Monday, an enormous king cobra can be seen freely roaming the back of a man’s truck, casually interacting with its owner and passersby.
The vendor in question, 43-year-old Jantra Nokyoongthong, told reporters she was selling durian in front of a convenience store in Kaeng Krachan District when the truck pulled up and parked nearby. That’s when the king cobra slithered out of the passenger seat through a side window and into the truck bed.

At first, Jantra was alarmed because of the snake’s intimidating size, but the truck driver assured her that the 7-year-old king cobra is his pet and quite tame. His name is Zhan Zhao, after a fictional knight-errant in the Chinese novel-turned-tv show The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants
The king cobra’s unidentified owner said he was driving Zhan Zhao home after bringing him out to shed its skin, something large king cobras typically do four to six times a year.
But on the way, the king cobra needed to go to the bathroom, so he decided to stop in front of the convenience store. (Editor: We had no idea you could potty train a king cobra.)

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“When Zhan Zhao was in the back of the truck, he just slithered around casually. When it looked like Zhan Zhao was going to slither down from the truck, the owner told him ‘no there’s too many people right now honey,’ the snake complied and immediately slithered back onto the trunk. It totally understood the owner!” Jantra said, adding that at one point, the owner even asks Zhan Zhao to kiss him on the cheek and it did. Sadly, no video of the peck in question has been uploaded.
Given the ancient Thai belief that snakes bring good fortune, Jantra said many people flocked to take pictures of the truck’s license plate in order to buy lottery tickets with the same “lucky”

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