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However, locals in the area have said that the pay Kenny’s factory is offering is actually pretty good.
However, locals in the area have said that the pay Kenny's factory is offering is actually pretty good.
Former Hongkong actor Kenny Ho, best known for his role as Zhan Zhao in 1993 long-running drama Justice Bao, has been called a cheap boss by netizens after a job ad from his health food company went viral.
In 2013, the 61-year-old reportedly invested 100mil yuan (S$21mil) into health food supplier Jin Jia Zhuang , which is based in Guizhou.
Recently, Jin Jia Zhuang’s factory shared a hiring ad for quality control officers and researchers aged between 18 and 50. Both men and women are encouraged to apply and there are no academic qualifications required. The only condition is that applicants are “healthy in heart and mind, prudent workers and will act according to their leaders’ instructions”.
Successful applicants will be paid between 3,500 yuan (S$735) and 5,500 yuan (S$1150) a month, and will be offered complimentary food and lodging on top of their salary.
Employee perks include performance bonuses and free access to the laundry room, table tennis table, basketball court and badminton courts. They will also be paid extra if they work overtime, on weekends or on holidays.
Chinese netizens have turned their noses up at the ad, saying that the pay is too low and calling Kenny a scrooge whose “heart has been corrupted by greed”.
However, there have been some locals who have defended Kenny and told these naysayers off. They explained that most factories in the area only pay their workers 2,000 yuan (S$420) a month and that Jin Jia Zhuang’s employee benefit package is actually pretty attractive.
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