Justice Bao Actor Kenny Ho Reportedly Worth S$17.6Mil; Still Packs Bread For Customers At His Bakery – TODAY

Those netizens who called him a “has-been” are definitely eating humble pie now.
Those netizens who called him a “has-been” are definitely eating humble pie now.
Earlier last month, former ATV actor Kenny Ho, best known for playing Zhan Zhao in 1993 long-running drama Justice Bao, made headlines when a video of him performing in a shopping mall to a less-than-enthused audience went viral.

At that time, netizens were super eager to jump on the hate bandwagon, labelling the 60-year-old, who retired from the spotlight in 2011, a “has-been”.
But as it turns out, Kenny, who started a health food company with his friends a few years back in Huizhou, China, is actually a millionaire. Yup, the actor has a reported net worth of HK$100mil (S$17.6mil).

In 2018, Kenny also opened his own bakery, Kusekuchen, to much fanfare. And according to reports, the former actor is a familiar face there, often stepping in to help pack bread for customers.
Recently, one such customer took to social media to post pictures of their encounter with Kenny, sharing that the former actor was “really nice” during their time there.

Another also shared a short video of the actor packing their bread order for them, revealing that Kenny was very friendly, and joked about freely with them.
All the hubbub over Kenny being a “has-been” has also dredged up an old report from his youth. Back then, Kenny had just broken up with Taiwanese former-actress-turned-politician May Chin (also known as Kao Chin Su-mei). The former lovers were still good friends then, and even joked that they’ll tie the knot if they both remained unmarried when Kenny turned 60.

As Kenny had turned 60 last year (he’ll turn 61 on Dec 29 this year), and is currently single, many wondered if the pact between the two of them would indeed come to fruition. After all, Kenny had reportedly remarked that their pact was “still valid” in 2012.
And soon enough, a brave soul stepped forward to ask May about their pact, to which the 55-year-old replied: “You guys really took our joke seriously?”


She also went on to share that she fell out of contact with Kenny years ago, and that she’s fully focused on her work as a politician now.

Photos: Kenny Ho/Weibo, May Chin/Facebook, Weibo
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