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"Ain't It Fun" remains one of Paramore's most popular songs to date. Despite that it was released over six years ago, fans are bringing the song back up to Hayley Williams for a whole new reason.
Now, the vocalist is joining the discussion on why fans think "Ain't It Fun" is a very misleading song.
After all these years, Paramore still show a lot of love for "Ain't It Fun." Although most of the songs from their Self-Titled era are not included in their recent setlists, the radio hit always manages to make the cut.
Now, fans are bringing the song, and its meaning, back up again on social media. "Ain't It Fun" is all about enjoying adulthood and life "in the real world." However, given the dim and unexpected turn of events this year, many fans no longer agree with the song's lyrics.
Now, Williams has responded to fans who say the song got their hopes up and made them look forward to "living in the real world." The Petals For Armor singer jokingly hints that the band trolled fans all along with "Ain't It Fun."
Williams is joined by various other musicians for the tribute including Michael Stipe, Kesha, Phoebe Bridgers and more. As well, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren will be speaking for the event.
All of the individuals involved are helping to honor the late Supreme Court Justice's life and legacy. They are also demanding that the Senate honor her dying wish for her seat to be filled after the inauguration next January.
The virtual event kicks off on Monday, Oct. 12 at 8 P.M. EST and coincides with the first day of the planned confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s pick to replace Ginsburg.
Stream "Ain't It Fun" below.
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