Gossip mill: Singaporean former idol actor Leon Jay Williams slams 'shallow' attacks on wife and female friends – and other entertainment news this week – AsiaOne

Former idol actor Leon Jay Williams has taken to social media to call out "irresponsible reporting by certain media".
On Thursday (Nov 19), Leon published a Facebook post addressing an issue where his friends and acquaintances "get dragged into the news especially without proper research". He wrote: "Apparently, reports keep assuming every other female I have a photo with is my wife. Hurtful comments by online trolls is one thing but hurtful comments by professional media is on a whole new level.
"For the record, I have never put out a clear photo of my wife due to privacy reasons so I will appreciate it if the media stop guessing on her looks and insulting every other person I have a pic with."
The 44-year-old Singaporean is well-known for his roles in Taiwanese idol dramas like Green Forest, My Home, and Heaven's Wedding Gown, where he acted alongside Taiwanese stars like Ethan Juan and Ming Dao.
Local comedian-actor Mark Lee is flying the Singapore flag high in Taiwan with his Golden Horse Awards Best Leading Actor nomination for his performance in the local movie Number 1.
Recently, the 52-year-old unwrapped his 20kg Golden Horse gift bag with Apple Daily Taiwan and there were a plethora of items, including a 'golden' rice cooker. However, it was something else that made him cry tears of joy — his nomination certificate. He told the Taiwanese media site: "Only five nomination certificates are given [in each category] each year. You can't get it no matter how hard you study or how much money you have."

He also pointed out the symbolism of the rice cooker that was in the gift bag and explained: "In Singapore, we give golden bowls and chopsticks over Chinese New Year and like those 'golden bowls', this 'golden rice cooker' means I'll have enough food for myself every day and to feed others around me."
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Justice Bao might hold court in the 1993 long-running Chinese drama of the same name. But it was his royal guard Zhan Zhao — played by the handsome former Hong Kong singer-actor Kenny Ho — who made hearts flutter.
The 60-year-old faded out of showbiz in 2011, but he recently popped up on the radar when photos of him working at his bakery appeared on the internet. Reports said Kenny still looked charming and had no airs, chatting with customers and offering them samples of bread. He also obliged fans' requests for photos.
Kenny moved to Guangdong, China, years ago and is said to be in the health food industry. Other media reports said he has amassed a nice fortune from his business ventures.
Earlier this month, he was also spotted performing the Justice Bao theme song on stage at an obscure Chinese shopping mall, leaving some netizens wondering why he would accept such a gig and calling him a 'has-been'.
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