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NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard invited his Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, to dine at his home together with his wife, Nicole, and two of her young nieces.
HAZZARD: I want tonight to go smoothly, dear. Gladys is under heaps of pressure and needs a good nosh-up.
NICOLE: Yes dear, I know.
NIECE 1: What’s for dinner, Auntie N?
HAZZARD: Quite frankly, I regard that as a ridiculous question at this time. Can’t you see your Auntie N is very busy preparing an important meal and she should not have to leave her important and pressing duties just to answer your unnecessary questions?
NIECE 1: I just want to know what we’re having for dinner.
NICOLE: It’s okay, Brad. I can answer.
HAZZARD: No, dear. I am the head of this household and I’ll determine what is answered and by whom.

As a humble Victorian, Rocky Dabscheck felt it was time to acknowledge his superiors.
NIECE 2: Is it chicken, Auntie N?
HAZZARD: Don’t answer, dear. (Turning to Niece 2.) And why would it be chicken? Are you a little socialist racist?
NIECE 2: I don’t know what that means. Chicken is my favourite meal.
HAZZARD: Oh, that’s alright then. It’s enough that auntie and I know what we’re having. For you young ones, it can be a surprise.
NIECE 1: Can you at least tell me when it will be ready? I’m hungry.
NICOLE: Soon. Not long to…
HAZZARD: That’s enough, Nicole. Girls, it will be ready when it’s ready. That’s all you need to know.
(The doorbell rings. Hazzard makes his way to the front door posthaste, opens it and greets Gladys.)
HAZZARD: Gladys. Premier. So good to see you.
GLADYS: Mmm. Brad. Smells good. Here’s a bottle of Grange, to help the dinner go down tonight.
(Hazzard takes the bottle of Grange and inspects it with admiration.)
HAZZARD: Wow. Where did you get this?
GLADYS: Don’t ask. (Noticing the girls.) Who are these two cuties?
HAZZARD: They’re Nicole’s nieces.

Watching Premier Gladys Berejiklian and her “gold standard” pandemic management unravel is a bittersweet moment for many people — Victorians, in particular.
(Nicole enters.)
GLADYS: Hi, Nicole. Wonderful to see you. I just love your outfit. The food smells great. What’s for dinner?
NICOLE: I’ve prepared an Armenian feast in your honour, Premier.
GLADYS: Enough with the formalities. “Gladys” is fine.
NICOLE: Gladys it is. Dolma; Lavash; Boerag; Manti; Tjuik; Apricot pastries.
GLADYS: You have been busy! Sounds wonderful.
(Nicole retires to the kitchen, adding final touches to the meal. Brad and Gladys chit-chat. The nieces play a game on their phones and become quite animated.)
HAZZARD: Girls! Please.
GLADYS: What game are you playing girls?
NIECE 1: It’s called Shooting Ducks. You have to shoot down ducks as they randomly fly in the sky.
GLADYS: Really? Have you ever been shooting at a range?
NIECE 1: No.
GLADYS: How would you enjoy a session at a shooting gallery?
NIECE 1: Yes, please.
NIECE 2: Me, too.

Upping the mental health services budget doesn’t make up for the NSW State Government blaming others for its systemic public health failure.
GLADYS: Wonderful. I’ll arrange a session for both of you and Brad at the Clay Target Association Centre in Wagga Wagga.
NIECE 1: Thank you, thank you, thank you.
HAZZARD: That’s very generous of you, Premier.
GLADYS: Oh, you know me, Brad.
NICOLE: Dinner’s ready.
(Hazzard grabs the bottle of Grange, He and Gladys make their way to the dinner table.)
HAZZARD: Girls, have you washed your hands?
NIECE 1: Not yet.
HAZZARD: Well, go and do that now. No wash, no dinner.
(The girls head off to the bathroom.)
GLADYS: Brad, you really are an excellent Health Minister. Encouraging good habits.
HAZZARD: I try to do my best, Gladys.
(The girls return.)
NIECE 1: There wasn’t any soap. We couldn’t wash our hands.
NICOLE: Really? Brad, you were meant to bring some home tonight.
HAZZARD: Not my fault. Not enough supplies. Panic buying meant the supermarket was bare of soap.
NICOLE: Okay, girls. You can still wash your hands.
NIECE 2: But there’s no soap.
NICOLE: You can still wash your hands with warm water.
NIECE 1: We’ve always been told our hands aren’t really clean unless we use soap and water.
GLADYS: This time I think it’s okay to listen to Auntie.
NICOLE: Speaking of listening to good advice. Gladys, Brad told me what your very favourite is, so I’ve cooked up a delicious entrée of pork kebab for you.

Rocky Dabscheck is a musician/songwriter and front person for Rocky and The Two Bob Millionaires. He is also the author of ‘Stoney Broke and the Hi-Spenders‘.

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