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Fans were thrilled when the epic science fiction movie Dune was released today (October 22nd). But, they have been left wondering the height of leading man Timothée Chalamet after photographs of Timothée and co-star Zendaya emerged.
After Timothée and Zendaya attended the Dune special screening in Leicester Square on Monday (October 18th) fans took to social media to question the star’s height. Rumours also began to fly when an Entertainment Weekly cover was released showing an interesting height difference between the pair.
According to The Sun, the height of heartthrob Chalamet is 5’10” (1.78m). However, other publications suggest that his height could range from 5’9″ to 6’1″.
Interestingly, the shots from the Dune special screening show Zendaya measuring up at the same height as Timothée despite her wearing heels. Fans were bemused as Zendaya is reported to also be 5’10” tall so is Timothée actually taller than reports suggest?
On an Entertianment Weekly cover, this also seems to be the case as Timothée appears slightly taller than his co-star Zendaya, but fans are not so sure…
Users took to Twitter to question Timothée’s height after photographs from the Dune screening and the cover of Entertianment Weekly emerged. Check out some of the best tweets here!
i just know timothee is wearing platforms or smth cause why is he close to toms height…whos like 6’2….. pic.twitter.com/QyJCXjJ0lq
One user wrote: “I know Tom Holland mad that Timothée is the same height as Zendaya with heels on even slightly taller too.”
not timothee height-fishing😭😭 https://t.co/BJrfQvQWYk
While another tweeted: “Oh my gosh are yall kidding me? people are getting offended over Zendaya’s height being natural and Timothée wearing big shoes.”
It’s mad how they are both the same height, but somehow the pictures are made to look like Timothée is taller than Zendaya
Another said: “I need the shoes that Timothée wore in his photoshoot with Zendaya. Those shoes gave him +3 inches of height.”
Currently, the Dune star appears to be single. However Timothée may have rekindled his romance with daughter of Johnny Depp, Lily-Rose Depp after the pair called it quits in 2018. Timothée and Lily-Rose met on the set of Netflix’s The King and they were then spotted in New York kissing around the same time.
Rumours reignated that the pair had rekindled their romance after they were spotted together in New York in March 2021. Cosmopolitan reported that a shop owner revealed that the actor had bought Lily-Rose a dress from her shop suggesting that the pair could be together but may be keeping it under wraps.
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