Diablo Immortal earns Blizzard $1M per day despite rumored China … – Dexerto

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Blizzard Entertainment’s controversial mobile title Diablo Immortal is earning the company over $1M per day, but it’s losing out on a fortune amid rumors it had been banned in China.
Diablo Immortal was one of Blizzard’s biggest blunders since it was first revealed, with fans infamously wondering if its announcement at BlizzCon was an out of season April fools joke.
In the time since, the mobile Diablo game has released and despite criticisms of its microtransactions, the title is earning Blizzard a pretty penny with nearly $50M so far and $1M every day.
However, the game’s trouble in China is nothing to squawk at, especially considering the amount of gamers Blizzard is currently missing out on.
As reported by mobilegamer, Blizzard is making a big chunk of cash from Diablo Immortal with $49M from its 10 million downloads.
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However, the game has still yet to launch in China thanks to delays, but it’s seemingly a lot more serious than that. As Dexerto reported, the game’s official Weibo social media account was suspended after a post compared Chinese leader Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh.
Blizzard has said the delays were to “implement quality of life changes” and “optimize” the game, but there’s still no word on when or even IF the Diablo Immortal will launch in China.
Given the popularity of mobile games in the communist country, if Blizzard’s mobile game is in fact banned, they could be missing out on hundreds of millions of dollars.
Only time will tell if the game really does launch in China, but despite problems getting it out and negative reviews, the game is still making bank.


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