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‘Diablo 4’ will be “a full-price game with a cosmetics shop and season pass”
Blizzard Entertainment has outlined how Diablo 4 will follow a live service model, and shared that monetisation will not have an effect on the game’s balance.
In a quarterly update blog posted yesterday (August 18), Blizzard explained how it plans to support Diablo 4 post-launch. The first feature planned to release after launch is Seasons, which involves players creating new accounts and making their character as powerful as possible within the Season.
There will be “up to” four of these Seasons a year, and Blizzard has shared that each “will be released with a fresh new gameplay feature and questline that introduces new challenges, mysteries, and possibilities into the level-up experience.”
“This season design requires that all sources of character power come from playing the game, so you will not be able to pay for power in Diablo 4,” shared Blizzard, confirming that monetisation will not have an impact on character stats. That’s a departure from Diablo Immortal, which locks character upgrades behind expensive loot box-style purchases.
Expanding on the upcoming title’s monetisation, Kegan Clark – director of product for Diablo 4 – shared that Diablo 4 “will be a full-price game with a cosmetics shop and season pass,” though reiterated that players will not be able to buy tangible improvements to their character.

Diablo 4. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.
Diablo 4. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

For Diablo 4‘s cosmetic store, Clark clarified that “nothing in the shop grants a direct or indirect gameplay advantage,” and while Diablo 4‘s battle pass will include exp boosts, they will be available for free – and cannot be unlocked faster by those who purchase the battle pass.
Looking ahead, Blizzard also shared that Diablo 4‘s post-launch updates will include temporary live events. “An example of a live event might be the warning of an impending invasion of the Drowned, which may last a weekend, or the arrival of a strange peddler amidst the crags of the Dry Steppes,” shared Blizzard, adding that live events will offer “new adventures and unique rewards.”
Last month, Blizzard shut down rumours of an imminent beta for Diablo 4 – though confirmed public testing will be available before the game launches in 2023.
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