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Dafiti Group created a warehouse using Bastian Solutions’ automation solutions that can support an increasingly convenient shopping experience for customers across Latin America.
Dafiti Group is part of the Global Fashion Group and leads fashion and lifestyle ecommerce retail sales in Latin America, with offices in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia.
Bastian Solutions engineered Dafiti Group’s retail advantage with one of the world’s largest and most advanced automation solutions. This system features AutoStore, a goods to person order fulfillment system, Interroll conveyor, and Bastian Solutions’ Exacta software. Expertly integrated, Dafiti Group’s 300 robots and 450,000 bins reduced order cycle time from 24 hr to 2 hr.
Dafiti’s  new facility – LEAP, located in Extrema, MG, Brazil occupies an area of 581,251 sq ft and houses an innovative automation system that has the capacity for 3.6 million products which it can process at a rate of 4,800 products/hr.
Greg Conner, VP, Corporate Development and Marketing at Bastian Solutions stated, “The Dafiti Group presented us with the challenge of engineering one of the largest and most advanced automation systems in the world. We initially evaluated many different technologies before selecting AutoStore as the best solution to achieve Dafiti Group’s long-term operational goals. The flexibility of the AutoStore solution, the technology’s ease of expansion and its ability to provide Dafiti Group with extremely dense storage of SKUs were just a few of the many advantages that contributed to this selection. It is extremely rewarding to see the positive impact the new system is having on Dafiti Group and its brand partners, and we can’t thank Dafiti Group enough for the opportunity to be part of this very successful project.”


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