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June 3, 2022—Advance Auto Parts has launched TechNet Impressions, a new branding program.
According to a press release, the TechNet Impressions design team develops customized branding packages for the building specifications of each repair shop in the network. The team can also provide interior solutions that include bay banners, branded service counters, furniture, and more.
Recently, TechNet ran a pilot program that included over one hundred repair shops across the country. The Impressions design oversaw what is noted in the press release as significant shop remodels. Each shop reported and increase in customer traffic and business following the remodel.
“Our TechNet members spend years establishing their image and reputation,” said Lauren Beaulieu, vice president of professional marketing for Advance, Carquest and Worldpac in the press release. “Our Impressions program helps shop owners enhance their own local brand while incorporating TechNet to highlight the benefits motorists receive by choosing a TechNet shop. We were excited to see the results of our Impressions pilot program, and look forward to partnering with more repair shops in our network to help grow their businesses.”
The TechNet Impressions team can also work with municipalities in order to ensure that upgrades are approved within local guidelines and regulations. 
Image: Advance Auto Parts

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