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Because of the sad news of Leslie Jordan’s death Monday, we’re sharing our story from this past May about the passing of his mother. It has sweet memories of their time together in Tennessee.
Actor and comedian Leslie Jordan’s beloved mother, Peggy Ann Jordan of Chattanooga, recently died at age 86 with her family by her side.
She was a huge part of the East Tennessee native’s life, and she was introduced to the world when Leslie became a surprise viral sensation sharing Instagram stories — often about his mom —  while they were all quarantined in Chattanooga in 2020.  
Leslie, 67, is known for his roles in “Call Me Kat,” “Will & Grace,” and “American Horror Story.” 
In 2021, he reflected on the comforting reassurance his mom offered when he headed to Los Angeles to begin a career in show business.
“When I got on the bus in 1982 to come to Hollywood, my mother told me, ‘Always know that if it doesn’t work out, you can come back to a standing ovation,’” he said. 
Flamboyant and openly gay, Leslie said his mother always supported and accepted him, even if she didn’t fully understand him. As Leslie was growing up in the late ’50s and ’60s, his mom created a safe space where he could express himself however he wanted.
Leslie shared the loss of his mom with his followers in a post Monday.
“Mama is no longer with us, but she will live on in our memories and stories. Mama, I will always love you. Light. Love. Leslie is yours,” he wrote.
Here are some sweet memories he shared: 
One of the first quarantine stories Leslie shared on Instagram was about a trip his mom and twin sisters — or, as he likes to say, “Mama and them” — took to Kissimmee, Florida.
There was a disagreement about the city’s pronunciation, and it wasn’t settled when they stopped for lunch. 
Peggy adored how the city was named “kiss-a-me.” However, her daughter said that it was a Native American name and called “Ka-sem-mee.”
But when they stopped for lunch and Peggy asked a local where they were, the lady looked at them and said “Bur-ger King.”
Leslie stated that he’d been thinking all day of funny stories in tribute of his mom after she passed. And he gave her a perfect Leslie-style send off by sharing two more memories that poked fun at Peggy often mishearing things.
In one instance, Peggy wanted to know the name of an actor from the TV series “Fantasy Island.” Her daughter called out, “Hervé Villechaize.”
“It hasn’t come yet … my VA check,” Peggy yelled back, mishearing the answer to her “Fantasy Island” inquiry.
And one time, Leslie told his mom that he was going to “catch up on my sleep” while he was in Chattanooga.
Peggy asked, “How did that happen?” Leslie repeated that he needed more sleep and his mom said, “No, how’d you get ketchup on your sleeve?”
“Do you think she might have been hard of hearing?” Leslie asked his followers.


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