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With a goal to provide Australians with “Better Health for Better Lives”, Medibank is Australia’s leading private health insurer, with more than 3.7 million customers through the Medibank and ahm brands. In addition to private health insurance, the Medibank group also offers a suite of diversified insurance products including travel, life and pet insurance.
With the wider business experiencing a digital transformation and growth within their marketing department (from 30 to 100 people), Medibank recognised they needed a better way to manage their assets across a wide range of internal and external stakeholders and campaign approval processes.

With these challenges in mind, Medibank partnered with IntelligenceBank to implement a marketing operations platform to not only manage and distribute content across teams, but to also act as a central marketing operations ‘hub’ to help better streamline their processes, workflows, regulatory and branding needs.
Medibank needed a robust, interactive platform that met the needs of its brand, marketing campaigns, and regulatory compliance.
Before using IntelligenceBank’s Marketing Operations Platform, Medibank faced the following challenges:
Lacked traceability: They did not have an audit trail for creative approvals across brand, legal and medical compliance.
Missing a single source of truth: Creative was not managed centrally and as a result, it was hard to find, share and use the latest approved assets. They also wasted budget on duplicate creative.
Ineffective sharing practice: Sharing assets was done via email and through other systems – making it difficult to easily track status.
Admin inefficiencies: The marketing team spent too much time on mundane admin tasks (i.e sending out the same logo over and over again and manually following up approvals in email or tracking projects in spreadsheets).
Limited access to brand guidelines: Their brand guidelines were ‘stuck’ in PDF’s and with limited brand compliance, updates were hard to manage.
To find out how Medibank leveraged a marketing operations software tool to overcome these challenges, download the case study now.

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