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There are a lot of handy car accessories that can make your life easier and your trips more enjoyable, whether it’s to the office, or to your favourite vacation spot. 
Let’s take a look at some items that might be worth your consideration.
Do you often need to carry equipment or luggage in your trunk? A sturdy rubber liner will effectively protect the carpet, while nets and organisers will ensure everything stays in place. And if your vehicle didn’t come equipped with a load cover, you can install one. It’s great to keep your valuables out of sight.
Various luggage rack systems can be found in car dealerships and other retailers. In the case of a SUV, most of them are already equipped with side rails, but you’ll often need to buy cross bars. Then, depending on your favourite activity (cycling, kayak, ski, etc.), you’ll also need to get the right holding bracket. A rooftop box is also a convenient thing to have to maximise your cargo space, but don’t forget to remove it when you’re not using it to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption.
With a portable power pack, no more panic when you left your lights on for too long or your phone’s battery is dead. Models of all sizes and capacities can be found on the market, and some units even include booster cables. These power packs are usually designed to keep their charge for a whole year, or even more, so they’re ready to help when you need it most. 
All parents know why we include this item in our list, especially when it comes to maintaining minimum car hygiene during long family trips. If you don’t want to replace your current vehicle with a high-end Chrysler Pacifica or Honda Odyssey equipped with a built-in vacuum cleaner, get a small portable vacuum that’s battery-powered or plugs into your 12-volt outlet. It’s perfect to remove those pesky crumbs on your car’s seats and carpet. 
As they say, you’re better safe than sorry. You can have a transparent film applied on some areas or the body of your car, to protect it against paint damage. “I strongly recommend that product to all those who buy a new car,” says The Car Guide journalist Antoine Joubert.
To all pickup owners: Quebec company BridgeSport offers a small spoiler that goes on your cab’s rear edge. This accessory is both cosmetic and convenient. Imagine you have to carry a long ladder; you can put it in the bed against the tailgate and set it on the spoiler, which prevents the ladder from damaging your roof. Ingenious!
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